John Grisham Faces Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress Claim

The proflic and famous author of law novels, John Grisham, is facing a claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress.’s law center has posted the story here: click here for link to story.

The person suing Grisham, along with two other defendants in this case (a party who sues another is called, “plaintiff” and the person who is being sued is called, “defendant”) is a woman named Katharine Almy. The plaintiff claimed that Grisham and the two other defendants of intentionally inflicting emotional distress upon her.

Apparently, prior to this lawsuit, Grisham and the other defendants alleged that Almy had written anonymous letters containing various accusations to them. In alleging this, Grisham apparently called the police and requested that they confront Almy about these letters.

According to, as the basis of this lawsuit, Almy now claims that the confrontation by the police caused her to suffer emotional distress.

Intentional infliction of emotional distress is a tort cause of action. This cause of action is defined as intentional extreme and outrageous conduct which results in severe emotional distress. That said, assuming the call to the police was done intentionally, the two critical questions are as follows: 1) Can the calling of the police, and subsequent confrontation of Almy be considered to be extreme and outrageous conduct? 2) Did Almy suffer from severe emotional distress from that encounter?

These questions are ones that the jury will have to consider in order to determine whether the defendants are liable for the alleged damages or not.

Another noteworthy aspect of this case is that this case was previously dismissed by the court, “after reviewing a deposition by a mental health professional who treated Almy.” We can only speculate what mental health issues Almy had, or what the doctor might have testified to, and even though the case has been reinstated, rest assured that the defendants will attempt to bring forth this information during trial.


One Response to John Grisham Faces Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress Claim

  1. elissa Todd says:

    Grisham’s fame and money should not make him above the law…those in the land of jefferson need to see that Almy is paid enough to cover her lawyer fees, and for the stress of last four years

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