Target Corporation Settles Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

It our January 25, 2007 story, Law in Life brought you details about a sexual discrimination lawsuit settlement. (Click here to read that story).

Today, news of a racial discrimination lawsuit settlement was reported nationwide. Retail chain Target Corporation settled with 14 black employees for $775,000, who claimed racial harassment and discrimination. Read the full story by clicking here.

Just as sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal, and is grounds for a lawsuit, racial discrimination and harassment are also grounds for civil litigation against an employer.

An employee is entitled to a workplace that is free from a racially hostile working environment, regardless of how many other employees are being harassed. Even if there is only one employee being subjected to racial harassment or discrimination, an employer can be held for civil damages.

In addition, a person alleging sexual or racial discrimination or harassment against an employer may not be retaliated against that employer.

Target Corporation’s settlement with the 14 plaintiffs also included training for the store managers on the company’s equal employment opportunity policies. It is important to note that despite the claims made by the employees in this case, because the parties settled, no liability was found in this case against Target Corp.


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