Pit Bull Guard Dogs Attack Memphis Man

In the eyes of the law, a guard dog is often compared to a spring-gun that is set up to shoot anyone who enters a property without proper consent.  A guard dog however, is arguably more dangerous, since a dog can escape the premises and attack indiscriminately.  CourtTV.com tells the story of yet another vicious dog attack that occurred recently.  Click here to read the full story.

Possessing a dog for the sole purposes of protecting property can be illegal.  Any injuries that result of the dog’s attack can result in criminal prosecution, and more likely can result in civil liability under several legal theories, including premises liability.  Even if the dog is merely a family pet, if that pet attacks and injures someone, the owner of the pet or the property can be held civily liable for the damages.

Fortunately for James Chapple, who sustained severe injuries from the two pit bulls, he survived the attack with his life.  From what the article indicates, it appears that Mr. Chapple may have a viable claim against the owner of the dogs or the property and may be able to recover substantial monetary compensation for his severe injuries.


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