Country Singer Tanya Tucker Sued for Dog Bite

Having been bitten by a dog myself, I know the agonizing pain and damage a vicious bite could make.  Not only is the immediate pain tremendous, but the lasting psychological effects is hard to get over.  I still am very fond of dogs, but I am a bit more trepidatious around larger dogs, since the attack which occurred years ago.  The scars that remain from a dog bite attack is more than just physical.

Manicurist Danielle D. Hobbs is suing country singer Tanya Tucker for injuries from an attack by Tucker’s dog.  Her suit claims $300,000 in damages.   Read the full story by clicking here.

While the story does not detail the damages or claims Hobbs alleges, it is likely that she is alleging negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress.  If Hobbs’ allegations are true, then Tucker as the property owner, and owner of the dog could be liable for physical injuries, psychological injuries, pain and suffering, medical treatments, and possible punitive damages. 

Depending on Tucker’s home insurance policy, some of these damages may be covered by her homeowner’s insurance. 


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