Plaintiff in Dry Cleaning Matter Loses Suit

Pun entirely intended, of course. You likely have heard of the infamous lawsuit filed by Roy L. Pearson against dry cleaners who Pearson alleged, lost his pants. Pearson, as you recall, at one point claimed $67 million in damages for numerous claims, including damages for alleged violations of consumer protection laws.

Today, a judge ruled that Pearson did not prove that the defendant dry cleaners failed to return his pants, and more importantly, that the defendants did not violate any consumer protection laws, or cause any harm to Pearson.

Read the details of this story by clicking on this link: Yahoo News.

Additionally, Pearson was ordered to pay all of the defendants’ court costs, and may be held to pay for all of the defendants’ attorney fees they incurred in defending this lawsuit. Essentially, Pearson, who has faced a tremendous amount of criticism in the public arena for filing this lawsuit and seeking such high amounts of damages, has found no vindication in today’s ruling.

And perhaps this ruling just might restore some peoples’ confidence in our court system.

On a final note, the defendants in this case might possibly have a defamation claim against Pearson, especially if they suffered a loss in business as a result of this baseless lawsuit.


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