Jerry Seinfeld Loses Real Estate Commission Case

January 22, 2007

Many of you have personal experience in the sale or purchase of real estate. In such real estate transactions, the seller typically pays a commission both to the seller’s agent, and to the buyer’s agent. The total commission paid to the agents is generally about 3.5% to 6%.

Comedian Jerry Seineld has recently lost a real estate dispute related to the payment of commission to a real estate agent who was helping him find a home to purchase. Read the rest of this entry »


R. Kelly Drops Lawsuit Against Homeowner’s Association

January 17, 2007

If you have ever thought about challenging the covenants, conditions, and restrictions in your homeowner’s association agreement, you might want to think twice. World-famous music artist, R. Kelly recently dropped his legal challenge to his CC&Rs. Read the rest of this entry »